Battle of Camperdown

The Battle of the Camperdown (Kamperduin) took place on the 11th October 1797 off the Dutch coast.

The Royal Navy, under the command of Admiral Adam Duncan with 24 ships defeated a Dutch fleet of 25 ships under the command of Admiral Jan Willem de Winter.


The British attacked in two columns with Duncan leading one line in Venerable and Vice-Admiral Richard Onslow leading the other in Monarch. The British attacked quickly to prevent the Dutch ships from reaching the protection of shallow waters near the coast. Venerable broke through the Dutch line and engaged de Winter's flagship, Vrijheid and several other British ships broke through as well. After a close action several Dutch ships managed to flee east; 11 were captured including the flagship, Vrijheid, but the British ships were too damaged to pursue.

British casualties were 220 killed and 812 wounded; Dutch casualties were 540 killed and 620 wounded. Admiral de Winter, taken prisoner when his flagship, dismasted and with over half her crew killed or wounded, struck attempted to hand his sword to Duncan who refused and shook his hand instead.

Novels based around this battle.

Plan of the Battle

Ships Present

British Fleet - Windward Division

UK Triumph (74) William Essington

UK Venerable (74) Flag - Admiral Adam Duncan, Cptn. - William Fairfax 

UK Ardent (64) Richard Burges (Killed in Action)

UK Bedford (74)Thomas Byard

UK Lancaster (64) John Wells

UK Belliqueux (64) John Inglis

UK Adamant (50) William Hotham

UK Isis (50) William Mitchell

UK Circe (28)Peter Halkett


British Fleet - Leeward Division

UK Russell (74) Henry Trollope

UK Director (64) William Bligh

UK Montagu (74) John Knight

UK Veteran (64) George Gregory

UK Monarch (74) Flag - Vice-Admiral Richard Onslow, Cptn. - Edward O'Brien

UK Powerful (74) William Drury

UK Monmouth (64) James Walker

UK Agincourt (64) John Williamson

UK Beaulieu (40) Francis Fayerman


Dutch Fleet - Line of Battle

Fleets_Netherlands_Flag Gelijkheid (68) Cdr. H. A. Ruijsch Captured

Fleets_Netherlands_Flag Beschermer (56) Cptn. Hinxt (Killed in Action)

Fleets_Netherlands_Flag Hercules (64) Cdr. Rijsoort Caught fire & captured

Fleets_Netherlands_Flag Tjerk Hiddes De Vries (68) Cptn. J. B. Zegers Captured

Fleets_Netherlands_Flag Vrijheid (74) Flag - Admiral Jan Willem de Winter, Cdr. - L. W. van Rossum (Killed in Action) Captured

Fleets_Netherlands_Flag Staten-Generaal (74) Flag - Rear-Admiral Samuel Story, Cptn. - ?

Fleets_Netherlands_Flag Wassenaar (64) Cdr. A. Holland (Killed in Action) Captured

Fleets_Netherlands_Flag Batavier (56) Cdr. Souter

Fleets_Netherlands_Flag Brutus (74) Flag - Rear-Admiral Bloys van Treslong, Commodore Polders

Fleets_Netherlands_Flag Leijden (68) Cdr. J. D. Musquetier

Fleets_Netherlands_Flag Mars (44) Cdr. J. H. Kloff

Fleets_Netherlands_Flag Cerberus (68) Cdr. Jacobsen

Fleets_Netherlands_Flag Jupiter (72) Flag - Vice-Admiral Reyntjes, Cptn. - ? Captured

Fleets_Netherlands_Flag Haarlem (68) Cptn. O. Wiggerts Captured

Fleets_Netherlands_Flag Alkmaar (56) Cptn. J. W. Krafft Captured

Fleets_Netherlands_Flag Delft (54) Cptn. G. Verdooren Captured. Sank on 14th


British Fleet - Also Present

UK Martin (16) Cdr. Charles Paget 

UK Active (12) Lt. J. Hamilton

UK Diligent (12) Lt. T. Dawson

UK King George (12) Lt. James Rains

UK Rose 10) Lt. Joseph Brodie

UK Speculator (8) Lt. H. Hales


Dutch Fleet - Frigate Line

Fleets_Netherlands_Flag Atalante (18) Cdr. B. Pletsz

Fleets_Netherlands_Flag Heldin (32) Cdr. Dumenil de Lestrille

Fleets_Netherlands_Flag Galathée (18) Cdr. Riverij Captured

Fleets_Netherlands_Flag Minerva (24) Cdr. Eijlbrecht

Fleets_Netherlands_Flag Ajax (18) Lt. Arkenbout

Fleets_Netherlands_Flag Waakzaamheid (24) Cdr. Meindert Van Mierop

Fleets_Netherlands_Flag Ambuscade (36) Cdr. J. Huijs Captured, aground and recaptured later

Fleets_Netherlands_Flag Daphne (18) Lt. Frederiks

Fleets_Netherlands_Flag Monnikendam (44) Cdr. Thomas Lancester Captured & wrecked

Fleets_Netherlands_Flag Haasje (6) Lt. Hartingveld

Plan of the Battle



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