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01 July 1644 The Battle at Kolberger Heide. Danish fleet of around 40 ships, divided into 3 squadron, under HM. Christian the IVth fights a Swedish fleet of 42 ships, under Admiral Klas Fleming. The King is wounded during the battle, and loses one eye.  
  1731 Adam Duncan born in Lundie, Perthshire.  
  1795 Sir John Jervis promoted to full Admiral  
  1797 Naval Regulations passed by US Congress  

First convoy duty; USS Essex escorts convoy of merchant ships from East Indies to U.S.

  1801 U.S. squadron under Commodore Dale enters Mediterranean to strike Barbary Pirates  
02 July 1803 HMS Minerve (38), Cptn. Jahleel Brenton, grounded in a thick fog on the western point of the Corries of Cherbourg and captured. top
  1813 HMS Dædalus (38), Cptn. Murray Maxwell, grounded off Island of Ceylon and sank after being refloated.  
  1816 French frigate La Méduse, Cptn. Duroy de Chaumereys, wrecked on the Bank of Arguin, off the coast of Senegal.  
03 July 1764 HMS Dolphin (24), Cptn. Hon. John Byron and HMS Tamar (16), Cdr. Patrick Mouat, sailed on a voyage of discovery. top
  1780 HMS Romney (50), Cptn. George Johnstone, took French Artois (38) off Cape Finisterre  
  1795 HMS Melampus (36) and HMS Hebe (38), Cptn. Minchin, captured French Vésuve (4) off St. Malo.  
  1797 Start of 3 day bombardment of Cadiz by British squadron under Nelson.  
  1801 HMS Speedy (14), Lord Thomas Cochrane, captured by French squadron under Rear-Admiral Linois as it passed through the Straitsof Gibraltar.  
  1805 HMS Cambrian (40), Cptn. John Poo Beresford, captured French privateer schooner Matilda (20)  
  1812 HMS Raven, G. G. Lennock, drove 3 French brigs on shore near Flushing.  
  1813 Storming and capture of Fiume by Rear Admiral Thomas Freemantle's squadron.  
  1840 After the Chinese fired on an unarmed ships boat, batteries at Amoy silenced by HMS Blonde (46), Cptn. Thomas Bouchier.  
04 July 1695  Start of bombardment of St. Malo by British. top
  1760 Fire at Portsmouth Dockyard.  

American Declaration of Independance.

[Fiction:-Horatio Hornblower born]

  1777 John Paul Jones hoists first Stars and Stripes flag on Ranger at Portsmouth, NH.  
  1780 HMS Prudente (36), Cptn. Hon. William Waldegrave, and HMS Licome (32), Cptn. Hon. Thomas Cadogan, took and destroyed French frigate Capricieuse (32), Cptn. Le Breton de Eanzanne, off Cape Ortegal.  
  1790 The Battle of Viborg Bay (Viborgska gatloppet) between Russia and Sweden. The Swedish Navy lost 6 ships of the line and 4 frigates, but Gustav III of Sweden eventually ensured a Swedish naval escape through a Russian naval blockade.  
  1803 Boats of HMS Naiad (38), Cptn. James Wallis, cut out Providence.  

Boats of HMS Unite (40), Cptn. Chamberlayne, captured St. François di Poale (8) from Port Hercole, then further along the coast, joined by HMS Cephalus (18), Augustus William Clifford, captured 3 merchant vessels.

27 Danish gunboats, under Lt. Jørgen C. de Falsen, attacks 4 British ships-of-the-line, 2 frigates and 2 brigs, escorting a large convoy, off the island of Hjelm. 4 gunboats are lost, while 1 British frigate and 17 merchant men are heavily damaged. 

  1812 Boats of HMS Attack (14), Lt. Richard Simmonds, captured a French transport galliot off Calais.  
  1842 First US test of electrically operated underwater torpedo sinks gunboat Boxer  
05 July 1695 HMS Charles fireship (6), Edward Darley, burnt at St. Malo. top
  1770 First day of the 3 day Battle of Çeşme. A Russian Fleet fleet of 9 ships of the line and other vessels under Alexei Grigoryevich Orlov found the Ottoman fleet of 16 ships of the line and other vessels under Mandalzade Hüsameddin Pasha anchored just north of Çeşme Bay, western Anatolia. Towards the end of the engagement an Ottoman ship of the line blew up after her main topsail caught fire and the fire quickly spread to other ships. Three fireships were sent in and almost the entire Ottoman fleet burnt. They lost 15 ships of the line, 6 frigates and many smaller vessels.  
  1811 Danish attack a British convoy off Hielme Island but are repulsed  with the loss of 4 gun-boats and 120 men.  
  1814 USS Peacock (22), Lewis Warrington, captures British Stranger, Venus, Adiona, and Fortitude in Irish Channel  
  1815 Commodore Stephen Decatur's squadron arrives at Tripoli to collect reparations for seizure of American merchant ships in violation of Treaty of 1805.  
  1833 A Loyalist Portuguese force, mainly commanded by British Officers under Admiral Charles Napier, of Rainha de Portugal (46), Commodore Wilkinson, Cptn. F. G. MacDonough, Dona Maria (42), Cptn. Peake, Dom Pedro (50) Cptn. Thomas Goble, Vila Flor (18), Cptn. Ruxton, Portuense (20), Cptn. Blackstone, and Faro (6) engaged of Cape St. Vincent a superior Miguelites force under Admiral Manuel António Marreiros of Nau Rainha (74), Cptn. Barradas, Dom João (74), Martinho de Freitas (50), Duquesa da Bragança (56), Isabel Maria (22), Princesa Real (24), Tejo (20), Sybille (20), Audaz (18), Activa (xebec) and several other brigs. The first 5 named Miguelites vessels were taken by boarding following which they changed their allegiance. This is regarded as the last major engagement to take place solely under sail  
06 July 1747

Birth of John Paul Jones at Arbigland, Scotland.

  1759 British squadron under George Rodney bombarded Le Havre,  
  1779 The Battle of Grenada. Engagement between British fleet of 21 ships of the line and 1 frigate, under Vice-Admiral John Byron, and French fleet of 25 ships of the line and several frigates, under Admiral Comte d'Estaing.  
  1780 HMS Romney (50), Cptn. George Johnstone, took French Perle (18) off Cape Finisterre  

The Battle of Negapatam. British fleet of 11 ships, under Vice-Admiral Sir Edward Hughes, engaged a French fleet of 11 ships, under the Bailli de Suffren, off the coast of India.

  1801 Action off Algeciras between British squadron of 6 ships of the line, under Rear-Admiral Sir James Saumarez, and French squadron of 3 ships of the line and a frigate, under Rear-Admiral Linois. HMS Hannibal (74), Cptn. Solomon Ferris, grounded and was taken.  
  1804 HMS Raven (18) wrecked near Mazzara, Sicily coast.  
  1808 HMS Seahorse (38), Cptn. John Stewart, captured Turkish Badere Zaffer (54), Scanderli Kichue Ali, and sank Alis Fezan (24)  
  1809 HMS Bonne Citoyenne (20), William Mounsey, captured Furieuse (20).  
  1812 HMS Dictator (64), Cptn. Stewart, HMS Calypso (18), Henry Weir, HMS Podargus (14), William Robilliard, and HMS Flamer (14), Lt. Thomas England, engaged and destroyed the Danish frigate Najaden (38), Cdr. Hans Peter Holm, and the brigs Lolland (20), and Kiel (18) and also engaged the brig Samso (18) in Lyngør harbor .  
  1820 HMS Carron, John Furneaux, wrecked 4 miles to the north of the Black Pagoda, Poorie.  
07 July 1777 American frigates Hancock (32), Cptn. John Manley, and Boston (30), Cptn. Hector McNeil, were escorting their prize HMS Fox (28) to Boston. They were pursued by the British frigate HMS Rainbow (44), Cptn. Sir George Collier, who was joined by HMS Flora (32), Cptn. John Brisbane. The American ships steered different courses and Flora took Fox while Rainbow took Hancock. Cptn. McNeil was dismissed the American service for deserting Cptn. Manley. top
  1796 HMS Quebec (32) and convoy engaged two French frigates.  

US Congress rescinds treaties with France. Quasi War begins with Frigate Delaware capturing French privateer Croyable

  1800 HMS Comet (14), Thomas Leef, HMS Falcon (14), Henry Samuel Butt, HMS Wasp (16), J. Edwards, and HMS Rosario (14), Cptn. Carthew, used as fireships in an attack on four French frigates in the Dunkirk Roads. HMS Dart (28), Patrick Campbell, took Desiree (40) but the others escaped.  
  1801 HMS Augustus Gunboat (3), Lt. James Scott, wrecked in the Sound, on the Hoe.  
  1809 Boats of HMS Bellerophon (74), Cptn. Samuel Warren, HMS Implacable (74), Cptn. Thomas Byam Martin, HMS Melpomene (38), Cptn. Peter Parker, and HMS Prometheus (18), Thomas Forrest, took 6 and sank 1 out of 8 Russian gunboats under Percola Point at Aspo near Fredrikshamm. The 12 vessels laden with powder and provisions that they were protecting were also captured.  
  1810 Start of 2 day campaign. HMS Boadicea (38), Cptn. Josias Rowley, and consorts took Isle of Bourbon.  
  1811 HMS Guachapin Brig (10), Lt. Michael Jenkins, driven ashore on Rat Island during a hurricane at Antigua and bilged  
  1813 Destruction of fortress at Farasina by HMS Eagle (74), Cptn. Charles Rowley, and landing party.  
  1846 Commodore John D. Sloat lands at Monterey from USS Savannah and claims California for U.S.  
08 July 1747 HMS Maidstone (50), Cptn. Lord Keppel, chased an enemy ship in-shore off Belle Isle, ran aground and was wrecked, top
  1757 HMS Experiment (20), Cptn. John Strachan, captured the French privateer Télémaque (20) off Alicante  
  1760 British squadron under Cptn. John Byron defeats French squadron under Francois Chenard de La Giraudais in the Bay of Chaleur, Gulf of Saint Lawrence.  
  1778 French fleet under Comte d'Estaing arrives at the mouth of the Delaware Bay and chases HMS Mermaid (28), Cptn. James Hawker, ashone on Assateague Island.  
  1809 Start of campaign to capture Senegal by HMS Solebay (32), Commodore Edward Henry Columbine, HMS Derwent (18), Fred Parker (Killed in Action), and HMS Tigress (12), Lt. Robert Bones, and some smaller vessels.  
  1812 HMS Exertion Gun-boat, Lt. James Murray, wrecked in the Elbe.  
  1853 Commodore Matthew C. Perry sails his squadron into Tokyo Bay.  
09 July 1745 Lion (50) fought a severe action with the French ship Elizabeth (50) escorting the Doutelle. top
  1766 HMS Dolphin (24), Cptn. John Byron, and HMS Tamar (16), Cdr. Patrick Mouat, returned from trip round the World.  
  1778 HMS Ostrich (14), Cptn. Peter Rainier, took a French privateer (16) off Savannah Point.  
  1789 Royal Visit to Portland Roads.  
  1790 Start of 2 day Battle of Svensksund. A Swedish fleet of 176 ships, under King Gustav III and Carl Olof Cronstedt, defeated a Russian fleet of 135 ships, under Prince Charles of Nassau-Siegen.  
  1810 Boats of HMS Sirius (36), Cptn. Samuel Pym, captured French privateer Edward (4)  
  1846 Sailors and Marines from USS Portsmouth occupy and raise flag over San Francisco.  
10 July 1778 HMS Lively (20) Cptn. Biggs, left to watch Brest, found herself in the middle of the French fleet in a fog, and was captured by the French Iphigenie. top
  1796 HMS Captain (74), Cptn. Andrews, seized Porto Ferrajo.  

Boats of HMS Porcupine (22), Cptn. Hon. Henry Duncan, at Port d'Anzo.

HMS Netley (12), Lt. Charles Burman, wrecked in the Leeward Islands

  1866 HMS Amazon sloop, Cdr. J. E. Hunter, ran into the s.s. Osprey, Capt. Burtridge, (cutting her in two and causing her to sink in a few minutes) off Portland, sustaining vital damage, and sank.  
11 July 1798

Reestablishment of US Marine Corps under the Constitution

Boats of HMS Regulus (44) captured three vessels.

  1803 HMS Racoon (16), Austin Bissell, captured Lodi (10), Cptn. Pierre Taupier, in Leogane Roads between  the island of Guanaba and St. Domingo.  
  1804 Boats of HMS Narcissus (32), Cptn. Ross Donnelly, HMS Seahorse (38), Cptn. Courtenay Boyle, and HMS Maidstone (32), Cptn. R. H. Moubray, boarded and fired eleven enemy vessels and brought one out at La Vandour in Hieres Bay.  
  1806 Boats of HMS Minerve (32), Cptn. George Ralph Collier, captured Spanish privateer Buena Dicha.  
  1809 HMS Solebay (32), Commodore Edward Henry Columbine,  in moving up a river in Senegal went on shore and was wrecked  
  1812 HMS Encounter Brig (14) taken attempting to cut out some vessels at San Lucar, Spain.  

HMS Conflict (12), Cptn. Henry Baker, and consorts under Ad. Sir J. B. Warren, took Portsmouth, Ocracoke Island, Anacondo (18) and Atlas (10).

12 July 1756 HMS Lichfield (50), Cptn. Matthew Barton, and HMS Warwick (60) captured Arc en Ciel (50) off Louisburg top
  1771 HMS Endeavour, Lt. James Cook, arrived back in England.  
  1774 HMS Adventure (10), Lt. Tobias Furneaux, arrived Britain after first Eastward circumnavigation.  

HMS Resolution, Cptn. James Cook, departed from Plymouth on 3rd voyage of discovery.

HMS Egmont schooner (10) lost


Horatio Nelson's right eye injured at Calvi.

  1795 French fleet with 17 ships of the line, under Rear-Admiral Pierre Martin, engaged British fleet of 22 ships of the line,under Vice-Admiral Hotham, off the Hyères Islands (off the French Mediterranean coast).  HMS Cumberland (74), Cptn. R. S. Rowley, captured Alcide.  which caught fire and exploded.  
  1796 HMS Alfred (74), Cptn. T.  Drury, captures the French frigate Renommée (44) off St.-Domingo.  

British squadron, under Rear-Admiral Sir James Saumarez, engaged Franco-Spanish squadron, under Rear-Admiral Linois, off Gibraltar as they took the captured HMS Hannibal (74) to Cadiz. In darkness HMS Superb (74), Cptn. Richard Goodwin Keats, engaged Real Carlos (112), Cptn Don J. Esquerra, with some shot hitting San Hermenegildo (112), Cptn Don J. Emparran. In the confusion the two Spanish ships engaged one another, collided and a fire spread to both resulting in their loss. Superb went on to take San Antonio (74).


HMS Aigle (36), Cptn. George Wolfe, drove Charente (20), John Sanson, and Joie (8), Benjamin Godobert, ashore in the mouth of the Gironde and burnt them.

  1814 HMS Landrail (4), Lt. R. D. Lancaster, taken by U.S. privateer Syren (7) in the Channel.  
13 July 1772 HMS Resolution, Cmdr. James Cook, and HMS Adventure, Lt. Tobias Furneaux, departed England top
  1863 USS Wyoming battled Japanese warlord's forces.   
14 July 1714 Russian fleet of 30 ships of the line and 180 galleys under Admiral Apraxine, defeated a Swedish fleet, about one-third of that strength, under Admiral Erinschild off the island of Aland. The Czar, Peter the Great, serving under Apraxine as Rear-Admiral, captured Erinschild's flagship. top
  1780 HMS Nonsuch (64), Cptn. Sir James Wallace, took French frigate Belle Poule (32) off the mouth of the Loire  
  1809 Fort at Carry-le-Rouet, near Marseilles, stormed and carried by boats of HMS Scout (18), William Raitt.  

HMS Contest (14), James Rattray, and HMS Mohawk (18) captured U.S. schooner Asp (3) up a narrow inlet called Yeacomoco Creek in the Potomac River.

The US prize vessel Greenwich captured the British whaler Seringapatam. Greenwich was commanded by Lieutenant John M. Gamble, USMC, the first Marine to command a ship.

  1853 Commodore Matthew Perry lands and holds first meeting with Japanese at Uraga, Japan   
15 July 1747 George Byng promoted Vice-Admiral of the Blue top
  1796 HMS Glatton (56), Cptn. Henry Trollope, engaged French Squadron off Flanders.  
  1798 HMS Lion (64), Cptn. Manley Dixon, engaded four Spanish frigates off Cartagena, capturing Santa Dorotea (42)  
  1804 HMS Lily (16), Lt. William Compton (Killed in Action), captured by French privateer Dame Ambert (16) off the Georgia  
  1805 Gunbrigs HMS Plumper, Lt. James Henry Garrety, and HMS Teazer, Lt. George Lewis Kerr, captured by French gun vessels off Granville  

CSS Arkansas sailed down the Yazoo River, encountering the Union gunboats Carondelet, Tyler, and Queen of the West. In the ensuing battle, Arkansas damaged the first two gunboats and made her way into the Mississippi River, where she boldly fought through the Federal fleet to find refuge at the Confederate fortress at Vicksburg.

16 July 1761 HMS Thunderer (74), Cptn. Charles Proby, and HMS Thetis (44) took Achille (54) and frigate Bouffon off Cadiz top
  1773 HMS Resolution, Cmdr. James Cook, and HMS Adventure, arrived Tahiti.  
  1797 HMS Anson (44), Cptn. Philip Charles Durham, and HMS Sylph (18), Cptn. John Chambers White, destroyed Calliope (32) off Ushant  
  1798 HMS Gardland (28), Cptn. James Athol Wood, wrecked off Madagascar.  
  1806 Boats of British squadron under Commodore Sir Samuel Hood cut out Cesar (16), Lt. Louis-François-Hector Fourré, from the mouth of the Gironde  
  1812 Boats of HMS Osprey (18), Timothy Clinch, and HMS Britomart (10), William Buckley Hunt, captured French privateer Eole (5) off Heligoland.  
  1862 US Congress creates rank of Rear Admiral. David G. Farragut is named the first Rear Admiral  
17 July 1788

A Russian fleet of 17 ships of the line under Admiral Samuel Greig met the Swedish fleet of 15 ships of the line under Prince Karl, Duke of Södermanland, off Hogland Island, Gulf of Finland. Greig's flagship, Rostislav (100), forced the surrender of Prins Gustav (70), Vice-Admiral Gustav Wachtmeister and the Swedes disabled Vladislav (74), which also surrendered to Kronprins Gustav Adolf (62). The fighting continued for six hours, and the fleets only separated after dark with the Swedish ships beginning to run out of ammunition.


HMS Ariadne (24), Cptn. Hon. Edward King, and consorts engaged off Boulogne.

HMS Orestes (16), Thomas Browne, ran aground on the Splitter Sands off Gravelines and was burnt to prevent capture by the enemy.

  1810 HMS Euryalus (36), Cptn. George Heneage Dundas, engaged a French 74 off Toulon.  
  1858 U.S. sloop Niagara departs Queenstown, Ireland, to assist in laying first trans-Atlantic telegraph cable.   
18 July 1775 Continental Congress resolves that each colony provide armed vessels top
  1779 Commodore Abraham Whipple's squadron captures 11 prizes in largest prize value of Revolutionary War.  
  1792 John Paul Jones dies in Paris, France   
  1798 HMS Aigle (38) wrecked off Cape Farina, Spain.  
  1799 HMS Alcmene (32), Cptn. G. Hope, and boats captured two Spanish vessels.  
  1813 USS President (44), John Rodgers, sinks British brig Daphne off the Irish coast.  
  1815 French convoy captured by HMS Ferret (14), William Ramsden, HMS Fly (18).  
19 July 1545 Henry VIII's Mary Rose sinks  in the Solent during an engagement with the French fleet. top
  1777 HMS Lowestoffe (32), Cptn. William Locker, (2nd. Lt. Horatio Nelson) arrives at Port Royal, Jamaica.  
  1805 HMS Blanche (36), Cptn. Zachary Mudge, taken and destroyed by French  Topaze (44), Department des Landes (20), Torche (18) and Faune (16) some 150 miles north of Puerto Rico.  
  1806  HMS Blanche (38), Cptn. Thomas Lavie, captured French frigate Guerriere (50) off the Farroes.  
  1810 Squadron of 6 Danish brigs departing from Norway, under Cmdr. Johannes Krieger, defeats a British convoy of 47 merchant ships in the Skagerak.  
  1812 USS Constitution (44), Isaac Hull, escapes from British squadron after 3 day chase off New Jersey  
  1821 Earl St. Vincent confirmed in rank of Admiral of the Fleet  
20 July 1801 HMS Iphigenia (32) burnt by accident at Alexandria top
  1810 HMS Warspite (76), Cptn. Hon. H. Blackwood, and consorts engaged French squadron off Toulon.  
  1811 HMS Thames, Cptn. Napier, and HMS Cephalus, Cptn. Clifford, took possession of a strong fort on the coast and 26 vessells at Palinurus.  
  1846 First visit of U.S. warships (USS Columbus and USS Vincennes) to Japan is unsuccessful in negotiating a treaty.   
21 July 1781

HMS Charlestown (28), Cptn. Evans (Killed in Action), HMS Allegiance (24), HMS Vulture (20), Cptn. George, armed transport Vernon (14), HMS Thorn, and armed ship Little Jack (14) escorting a convoy of 18 ships engaged Astrée (38), Jean-François de Galaup, comte de La Pérouse, and Hermione (34), Louis-René Levassor de Latouche Tréville, off the harbour of Louisbourg. Little Jack, Thorn and three merchantmen were taken.


Boats of HMS Beaulieu (40), Cptn. Stephen Poyntz, HMS Doris (36), Cptn. John Halliday, and HMS Uranie (38), Cptn. W. H. Gage, cut out French corvette Chevrette (20) from Camerat Bay.

HMS Sir Thomas Paisley (16), Lt. Wooldridge, engaged a Spanish xebec (22) off the island of Carbera

HMS Jason (36), Cptn. Hon. John Murray, wrecked near St. Malo.


HMS Sealark (10), Lt. Thomas Warrand, captured Ville de Caen (16), Cptn. Cocket, off Start Point

  1823 After pirate attack, LT David G. Farragut leads landing party to destroy pirate stronghold in Cuba.   
  1850 The Danish paddle steamer Hekla, Cmdr. Edouard Suensson, opens fire at a Schleswig-Holstein gunboat, which catches fire and explodes, in the Bay of Neustadt.  

22 July

1796 HMS Aimable (32), Cptn. Jemmet Mainwaring, engaged French frigate Pensee (44), Cptn. Valto, which escaped off Guadeloupe. top

USS Constellation (38) defeats 9 Corsair gunboats off Tripoli.


Battle of Cape Finisterre. Inconclusive action between British fleet under Admiral Sir Robert Calder and French fleet under Admiral Pierre-Charles Villeneuve


23 July 

1704 British fleet under Sir George Rooke captured Gibraltar. top

Keel of HMS Victory (100) laid down at Chatham Dockyard

  1805 HMS Champion (24), Cptn. Robert Howe Bromley, and consorts engaged a French flotilla off Fecamp.  
  1810 Boats of HMS Belvidera (36), Cptn. Richard Byron, and HMS Nemesis (28), Cptn. Ferris, took Bolder (8) and Thor (8) and destroyed a sloop near Studtland, Norway.  
24 July 1762 HMS Chesterfield (44), Cptn. John Scaife, and four of a convoy, wrecked on Cayo Comsite. top
  1797 Horatio Nelson loses right arm during failed attack on Santa Cruz, Tenerife.  
  1798 HMS Resistance (44), Cptn. Edward Pakenham, struck by lightening while anchored in the Straits of Banca, caught fire and violently exploded.  
  1801 HMS Jason (36), Cptn. Hon. John Murray, wrecked on an uncharted rock in the entrance of St. Malocs.  
  1813 USS President (44), John Rodgers, captures British ship Eliza Swan.  
  1815 Reduction of Gaeta by HMS Malta (84), Cptn. William Fahie, and HMS Berwick (74), Cptn. Edward Brace  
25 July 1666 The "St. James's Fight."  English fleet under Prince Rupert of the Rhine and George Monck, 1st Duke of Albemarle, and a Dutch fleet under Lieutenant-Admiral Michiel de Ruyter. top
  1744 Augustus Keppel passed and confirmed as Lieutenant  
  1757 HMS Southampton (32), Cptn. James Gilchrist, engaged five French privateers off the Isle of Wight  
  1779 US Amphibious expedition against British in Penobscot Bay, ME   
  1800 HMS Nemesis (28), Cptn. Thomas Baker, and HMS Arrow (28), William Bolton, captured Danish frigate Freya (40), Cptn. Krabbe.  
  1803 HMS Vanguard (74), Cptn. James Walker, and HMS Tartar (32), Cptn. Perkins, captured Duquesne off San Domingo  

HMS Princess Caroline (74), Cptn. Charles Dudley Pater, and consorts captured four Russian vessels.

Boats of HMS Fawn (18) captured Guadaloupe.

  1810 HMS Thames (32), Cptn. Granville George Waldegrave, HMS Pilot (18), John Toup Nicholas, and HMS Weazle (18), Henry Prescott, at Amanthe. Six gunboats, two scampavias and 28 transports were taken and the rest of a convoy destroyed.  
  1863 U.S. Squadron bombards Fort Wagner, NC   
  1866 In the US Rank of Admiral created and David G. Farragut is appointed the first Admiral in the US Navy  
26 July 1798

HMS Brilliant (28), Cptn. Hon. C. Paget, engaged Vertu and Regenre.

HMS Garland (28), Cptn. James Athol Wood, wrecked on the coast of Madagascar.

  1806 HMS Greyhound (32), Cptn. Charles Elphinstone, and HMS Harrier (18), Edward Thomas Troubridge, took Dutch frigate Pallas (36), Cptn. N. S. Aalbers (mortally wounded), and armed ships Vittoria, and Balavia near the Straits of Salayer. Corvette William (20) escaped.   
  1812 USS Essex (32), Cptn. David Porter, captures British brig Leander off Newfoundland  

27 July

1703 Squadron under Rear-Admiral Dilkes destroyed French ships off Granville. top
  1711 Jamaica squadron under Commodore James Littleton captured a Spanish galleon.  
  1756 Sir Robert Holmes' action off Louisbourg with De Beauzier.  
  1770 William Bligh entered as an Able Seaman on HMS Hunter (10)  

As the Continental brig Reprisal, Cptn. Lambert Wickes, approached St. Pierre Harbor, Martinique, she was attacked by the British sloop-of-war Shark (16). After a sharp encounter, Shark withdrew and Reprisal entered port.


First Battle of Ushant. British fleet of 30 ships of the line, under Admiral the Hon. Augustus Keppel, fought an inconclusive action against a French fleet of  29 ships, under Admiral Louis Guillouet, comte d'Orvilliers.

  1808 HMS Pickle schooner,  Lt. Moses Cannadey, wrecked on the Chipiona shoal at the entrance to Cadiz as she was entering carrying dispatches. .  
  1811 Boats of HMS Active (38), Cptn. James Alexander Gordon, captured 18 vessels and destroyed 10, in a creek of Ragosinza, without the loss of a British man.  
28 July 1784 HMS Boreas (28), Cptn. Horatio Nelson, arrives at English Harbour, Antigua.  top
  1806 HMS Mars (74), Cptn. Robert Dudley Oliver, captured Rhin (44), Capt. Chesneau, in the Bay of Biscay  
  1808 HMS Volage (22), Cptn. P. L. J. Rosenhagen, captured sloop Requin off Northern Corsica  

Frigate USS St. Lawrence, Cptn. Hugh Y. Purviance, spotted a schooner flying English colors and engaged the vessel. Fleeing, the schooner then ran up the Confederate flag and fired three shots. Returning fire, St. Lawrence hit the vessel twice, once in her bow. Survivors of the sunken vessel revealed it had been the Confederate privateer, Petrel.

29 July 1710 HMS Kent (70) captured Superbe (64) top
  1710 HMS Swallow Prize (32) wrecked off Corsica  
  1775 HMS Resolution, Cmdr. James Cook, arrived in Britain after 2nd voyage of discovery.  
  1778 HMS Kingfisher (14) captured by a French Squadron.  
  1782 HMS Santa Margaritta (36) took Amazone (36) of Cape Henry  
  1800 Boats of HMS Impetueux (74), Cptn. Sir Edward Pellew, captured French brig Cerbere.  
  1809 Boats of HMS Excellent (74) Cptn. John West, HMS Acorn (18), Robert Clephane, and HMS Bustard, John Duff Markland, cut out six Italian gunboats and ten trabaccolos from Duino.  

HMS Martin (18), Humphry Fleming Senhouse, aground on the Crow's Shoal, attacked by 10 American gunboats.

USS President (44), John Rodgers, captures and burns British brig Alert.

  1846 Sailors and Marines from U.S. sloop Cyane capture San Diego, CA   
30 July 1784 HMS Antelope (14) lost in a hurricane off Jamaica. top
  1803 HMS Calypso (16), W. Vernour, run down in a violent hurricane by a heavily laden West Indiaman.  
  1806 HMS Amphion (32), Cptn. William Hoste, at capture of Cotrone.  
  1808 HMS Meleager (36), Cptn. Frederick Warren, wrecked on Barebush Cay, Jamaica.  
  1810 Boats of HMS Procris (18), Robert Maunsell, took six gunboats.  
  1811 Boats of HMS Minden (74), Cptn. Edward Wallis Hoare, took Fort Marrack, Java  
  1812 Santander and Castle of Ano taken by HMS Venerable (74), Cptn. James Dundas, and consorts.  
31 July 1653 Battle of Scheveningen. British fleet under General-at-Sea George Monck defeated a Dutch fleet under Lieutenant-Admiral Maarten Tromp (Killed in Action). top
  1793 HMS Boston (32), Cptn. George Courtenay (Killed in Action), engaged French frigate Embuscade (36), Cptn. Jean-Baptiste Bompart, off New Jersey.  
  1797 HMS Artois (38) wrecked off La Rochelle  
  1801 HMS Sylph (18), Charles Dashwood, engaged a French frigate.  
  1804 Boats of HMS Tartar (32), Cptn. Keith Maxwell, captured privateer Hirondelle (10), Cptn. La Place, in the channel between the island of Saona and San Domingo.  
  1808 HMS Imperieuse (38), Cptn. Lord Cochrane,destroyed castle at Mongal.  

William Bligh promoted to Rear-Admiral of the Blue.

HMS Brevdrageren gun-brig, Lt. Thomas Baker Devon, and HMS Algerine (10), Lt. John Blow, engaged three Danish brigs off Langesund, Norway

  1815 Commodore Stephen Decatur concludes agreement with Bey of Tunis to compensate U.S. for seizure of merchant ships during the War of 1812.  

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*Dates of events prior to September 1752 may be quoted differently in some countries as both the Julian and Gregorian calendars were in use by countries. Calendars were regularised when Britain passed the Calendar Act of 1751 An Act for Regulating the Commencement of the Year; and for Correcting the Calendar now in Use.

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