The Discovery of Tahiti

Romance and the islands have gone hand-in-hand since the bare-breasted young women of Tahiti gave a rousing welcome to the 18th-century European adventurers who discovered the island. It was not just a tropical port of call that Captain Wallis and his men found, but their tales of golden girls and a majestic island queen became a foundation stone of the Romantic Movement, an enduring inspiration for writers, artists, filmmakers ... and mutineers.

In The Discovery of Tahiti, Joan Druett follows up her prize-winning biography of the remarkable priestly navigator, Tupaia, by bringing this extraordinary story to life.


  • Author: Joan Druett
  • Title: The Discovery of Tahiti
  • First Published by: Old Salt Press
  • First Published Place: US
  • First Published Format: eBook
  • First Published Date: 27 May 2018

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