1941 November 1941. After the dramatic sinking of his first command – HMS Defiant – Lieutenant Commander George Steadfast needs a break. But less than a week later he is called to the Admiralty. He is being sent straight off on another mission. And the orders for this one come straight from Sir Winston Churchill.

Steadfast is being sent to the Mediterranean to rescue an Albanian scientist called Janos Dobransky. Dobransky has invented a compound that is vital to the war effort. Unaware of his importance, the Italians have captured him and are keeping him and other prisoners in a fortress off the Albanian coast. It is of vital importance that he is rescued before the Germans realise who he is. The mission is top secret, and Steadfast's orders are clear: Get Dobransky back. No high jinks. No bravado. Just straight in and straight out.

With the fortress manned from all sides, how will Steadfast manage to infiltrate the island? Can he complete his mission without the Nazi's catching wind of what Churchill is up to? Or will his latest – and most daring – mission be his last...?

'Action This Day' is a gripping naval thriller that combines convincing period detail with full-throttle story-telling, with almost every incident based on a true event in one of the thousands of convoys during the Second World War. It is the follow up to 'First Command'.

Action This Day

Author: Richard Freeman

Title: Action This Day

Series: Commander Steadfast Thrillers

First Published by: Endeavour Press


Format: Kindle

Date: 5 March 2015






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