The Iron PirateSummer 1944. She had preyed for years on the defenseless merchant marine of every nation passing through the Baltic, a cruel outlaw scourge, flying the broken cross instead of a skull and bones. Now the Nazi heavy cruiser Prinz Luitpold is herself on the run - and fighting for her life in a desperate race across the vast killing ground of the Atlantic. Captain Dieter Hechler is forced to withdraw from the waters he dominated for years - under heavy fire. Whipped by gale-force winds and a fierce barrage of armor-piercing shells, the once-proud Prinz cannot escape unscarred. The target of underwater assassins, air assault, and a relentless pursuit by a vengeful Allied fleet, Hechler has given up on victory. His only hope is to survive.

Author: Douglas Reeman

Title: The Iron Pirate


First Published by: William Heinemann


Format: HC

Date: January 1986

ISBN-10: 0434626309

ISBN-13: 9780434626304


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