With Blood And IronJanuary 1944. On the vast grey waters of the Atlantic the balance of power has shifted. For Rudolf Steiger, ace U-boat commander, there is a new sense of urgency. Dedicated, ruthless, fanatical, he has become a legend in his own time, a symbol of Germany's greatness. But now, as he takes the U-boat flotilla, Meteor, out into the bitter winter seas, he faces a new and deadly enemy - his own nagging doubts about the outcome of the war. Steiger knows that his destiny may be to court heroic death rather than suffer ignominious defeat.

(Not formally known as a series but Rudolf Steiger is the son of Captain Von Steiger of The Last Raider)

Author: Douglas Reeman

Title: With Blood And Iron


First Published by: G. P. Putnam


Format: HC

Date: January 1964




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