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This is an in-depth study of the battle of Midway that reviews the many previous accounts and compares their accuracy and veracity with fresh documentation that has been released recently, including some new material on the post-war analysis made by a select committee.

There are new viewpoints on the muddle among the US Admirals; the total failure of the USAAF, despite elaborate claims; views on a whitewash of Admiral Fletcher and others; fresh thinking on the part played by the US Navy Dauntless dive-bombers in the action; the mystery of the carrier Saratoga's presence; Hollywood's totally wrong take on the battle in all the films since made about it; some new eyewitness material the author has obtained and information from Japanese sources not previously used. The Appendices will include statistical details - the ships, the planes and the men.

Midway, Dauntless Victory

Author: Peter C. Smith

Title: Midway, Dauntless Victory: Fresh Perspectives on America's Seminal Naval Victory of World War II


First Published by: Pen & Sword Maritime


Format: HC

Date: 16 November 2007

ISBN-10: 1844155838

ISBN-13: 9781844155835



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