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This is an illustrated history of battleships, their origins and evolution. It covers Pre-Dreadnoughts, Dreadnoughts, battleships and battle cruisers from 1860 onwards. Specification boxes provide at-a-glance information about each ship's country of origin, launch date, size, weight, armament, power, performance and complement. It includes facts and anecdotes about the famous battles and naval operations in which these ships played a role. It features over 550 photographs from naval and military sources worldwide, many rarely seen before. This meticulously researched book begins with a history of the battleship, from the first ironclad woodenhulled ships of the 19th century to the revolutionary Dreadnoughts of World War I and the mighty battleships and battle cruisers of World War II. It includes a country-by-country directory of battleships, with details about each vessel's history, construction, appearance and function. Featuring more than 150 ships - including Dreadnought, Hood, New Jersey, Bismarck and Nagato - and illustrated with over 550 photographs, this is a must-have reference book for everyone interested in the battleships that have helped to make history. Battleships

Author: Peter Hore

Title: Battleships


First Published by: Lorenz Books


Format: HC

Date: 14 October 2014

ISBN-10: 0754829812

ISBN-13: 9780754829812




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