In 1804, Liverpool was the largest slave trading port in Great Britain, yet her influential traders felt threatened by the success, in Parliament, of the anti-slavery movement. Few, in Liverpool, condemned the 'Trade'. William King, son of a Liverpool trader, is sickened by what he experiences aboard a Spanish slaver, and dares to speak out against the Trade.

This epic, set during the dying days of this despicable practice, has generational change, moral wickedness, greed, romance and the fortunes of war woven through the lives of a father and son caught up in the turmoil that preceded the implementation of the British Trade Act of 1807, which would end Britain's involvement in the slave trade.

Ice King

Author: Geoff Woodland

Title: Ice King


First Published by: MDW Publishing


Format: PB

Date: 23 July 2010

ISBN-10: 0980820103

ISBN-13: 9780980820102



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