Five men who have all been demobilised from the Royal Navy do not like the prospect of settling down ashore and have bought the ship in which they were serving, the schooner Sea Urchin. She is a special vessel, built for the Irregular Warfare Flotilla, and, whilst looking like an innocent sailing craft, has concealed aboard her a mass of special equipment and gear. The group are available for charter, taking on special assignments that no one else either wants or can manage. During the war Andrew Barton was the commanding officer, Bill Sims his second, Sam Somers was in charge of the guns, Tom Fuller was the radio officer and Old Amos was the cook. Now all five are equal partners in their enterprises.


Author: Douglas Stanhope

Title: Sea Urchin's Last Charter

Series: Sea Urchin's

First Published by: Blackie


Format: HC

Date: 1951



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