Storm In The Dark

The year is 1815.

The Battle of New Orleans is raging between the British and the newly-formed United States. In the midst of the terrible battle, the adventurer and former pirate Matthew Milburn finds himself up against an old enemy. He pursues the sadistic madman Jean du Cloud through the Mississippi bayous in an attempt to rescue a beautiful woman, while the world threatens to fall apart about his ears.

This swashbuckling adventure story is told against the roaring background of the Battle of New Orleans, when Andrew Jackson and a ragamuffin army of woodsmen and Indian fighters prepared to sell their lives dearly defending New Orleans from the armoured might of England in the last days of the war.

It is a time when real men have to stand up and be counted-and Matthew, born in England but living in America, has to make up his mind which way his loyalties lie as both he and the new-born USA find themselves in a desperate fight for life.

Author: Christopher Kenworthy

Title: Storm In The Dark

Series: The Dark Quartet

First Published by: Robert Hale Ltd

Place: UK

Format: HC 

Date: 1 October 1983

ISBN-10: 0709012527

ISBN-13: 9780709012528


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