In this new paperback edition of "America Spreads Her Sails," fourteen writers and historians demonstrate how American men and goods in American-made ships moved out over Alfred Thayer Mahan's "broad common," the sea, to extend the country's commerce, power, political influence, and culture. Capt. Thomas ap Catesby Jones, Lt. John "Mad Jack" Percival, and Comm. Matthew Calbraith Perry are among some of the colorful names that many will recognize. They are all gone now, these strong men and their stout ships, who carried their country's colors up to the Northern Lights, down to the Antarctic's stillness, over the cutting coral, across the Roaring Forties, and into the great ports and the backwaters of the world. The results of their adventures, however, are not forgotten, but instead set the stage for America to indisputably become the dominant world power of the past century. barrow c1

Author: Clayton R. Barrow Jr (Editor)

Title: America Spreads Her Sails: U.S. Seapower in the 19th Century


First Published by: Naval Institute Press


Format: HC

Date: 25 October 1973

ISBN-10: 0870210718

ISBN-13: 9780870210716



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