The world of piracy has traditionally been seen as the preserve of men. This book reveals the extent to which women have been involved in piracy, skulduggery and seafaring over the centuries. This book is divided into several parts. Anne Chambers looks at how women of privilege have embraced life at sea; Julie Wheelwright, author of "Amazons and Military Maids", looks at life at sea for penniless women such as the legendary lovers Mary Read and Anne Bonny; Delei Davin explores the tradition of Chinese women warriors at sea, and Dea Birkett examines what women pirates are doing today. Bold in Her Breeches: Women Pirates Across the Ages

Author: Jo Stanley (Editor)

Title: Bold in Her Breeches: Women Pirates Across the Ages


First Published by: Rivers Oram Press


Format: HC

Date: 1 January 1995

ISBN-10: 0044408927

ISBN-13: 9780044408925



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