Jake Hawking — pirate, rogue, and scourge of the Spanish Main — is known for his quick blade and cunning wit. It's earned him some friends in the Caribbean, but it's also earned him his fair share of enemies. He recently got word that the governor of Havana has hired three bounty hunters to track and capture him and his crew. It's not an unusual predicament for any pirate to find himself — a hunted man to the end of his days — but Hawking needs to get a grasp of the situation. These three bounty hunters are formidable on their own — their military feats as wide as the sea itself — but if the Spanish governor manages to persuade the lot to fly under a single banner it could make life a little more interesting than Hawking wishes.

He and his crew dock at the port-town of Kingston, Jamaica. Hawking has an informant there and if anyone knows where these three privateers are or might be heading it's his old flame, Eve. But when they step on dry land Hawking notices the locals are less friendly than he remembers and two shadowy figures start following him through town. Have the bounty hunters cornered him already or is something more sinister at work? He finds out soon enough and he'll need to act fast if he doesn't want to find himself learning the steps to the gallows jig.

A Pirate's Honor is a short-story sitting at approximately 5,600 words.

A Pirate's Honor

Author: J. M. Aucoin

Title: A Pirate's Honor

Series: A Jake Hawking Adventure

First Published by: Sword & Cape Press


Format: Kindle

Date: 11 July 2013






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