Set in the Caribbean and the West Coast of Africa, By the Knife details the struggle between two very different men.

John Carter is a product of the London slums. Put into male prostitution by his mother at the age of nine, he turns to murder when attacked outside a tavern in the docks. For the rest of his life, he takes pleasure in viciously torturing his victims before killing them. He runs away to sea to escape the law and progresses to piracy. Having stolen a large amount of Spanish gold, he is sought by the English Navy.

David Fletcher is the much-loved son of a country school teacher. He is sent into the Navy on his father's death and progresses to Lieutenant whilst growing up amongst the problems of shipboard life in a time of war. He first meets Carter when, during a struggle on the deck of a merchant ship, Carter slashes his chest with a knife.

By the Knife is a traditional adventure story that harks back to an age of pirates and sailing. This naval novel will appeal particularly to those who enjoy pirate adventure stories.

By the Knife

Author: Steve Partridge (S. F. Partridge)

Title: By the Knife


First Published by: Strategic Book Publishing


Format: Paperback

Date: 4 June 2012

ISBN-10: 1618973568

ISBN-13: 9781618973566




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