The Buccaneer

Armed with magical gifts, Francie Osborne is a housekeeper by day and a witch by night. Devoted to her employer and friend, Madalene Cavalier, Francie has no time for or interest in the bawdy sea captain who commands a ship for the family business. When love blossoms between the gentle servant and the brash mariner, she pins her hopes on a mysterious poesy ring, casting a charm to ease her doubts. What will the precious bauble show her?

Ex-pirate Cager Tyne remains a conqueror, seeking something to soothe his restless soul, and the pretty housekeeper will do nicely. But the audacious sailor hides a painful past, and he has no plans to marry. When Francie is arrested for the practice of witchcraft, he is faced with a difficult decision. What happens when a brazen buccaneer develops a taste for virgin flesh?

  • Author: Barbara Devlin
  • Title: The Buccaneer
  • Series: Pirates of the Coast
  • First Published Format: Kindle
  • First Published Date: 11 September 2017

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