Author :: Katherine Bone
Series :: The Nelsons Tea Triology
First Published by :: esKape Press
Format :: Kindle
Date :: 12 July 2016


Marked for death! Lady Mercedes Vasquez Claremont has been betrayed by a member of Nelson’s Tea. Now her life is in the hands of the man she couldn’t save, a beast forged by Spanish hatred. Lord Garrick Seaton, aka Captain Blade, is the only one who has a chance of pulling off a lifesaving mission. To do so, he must go to Spain and face memories of captivity and torture. But the fiery Spanish lady he seeks to rescue proves to be the greater threat. Can he protect his heart, or will she demand his complete surrender?

The Rogue's Surrender

Author: Katherine Bone

Title: The Rogue's Surrender

Series: The Nelsons Tea Triology

First Published by: esKape Press


Format: Kindle

Date: 12 July 2016






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