: The Complete Series

Crash Dive: The Complete Series chronicles the adventures of Charlie Harrison as he fights the Imperial Japanese Navy during WW2. Gripping, action-packed, authentic, and filled with larger-than-life men and women of the Greatest Generation, Crash Dive puts you aboard a submarine during the war.

You'll stand alongside Charlie as he proves himself time and again by keeping his wits and being decisive in crisis, though each encounter leaves him more heavily scarred for it. You'll attack a convoy in a daring night surface attack, emerge in a sea fog to ambush a battle group, and charge the battleship Yamato during the decisive Battle of Leyte Gulf. All the while, you'll live with the crew in the cramped, noisy, and challenging machine that was a diesel-electric submarine.

Crash Dive: The Complete Series puts together for the first time all six episodes in Craig DiLouie's highly acclaimed historical military fiction series: Crash Dive, Silent Running, Battle Stations, Contact!, Hara-Kiri, and Over the Hill.

  • Author: Craig DiLouie
  • Title: Crash Dive
  • Series: Crash Dive: The Complete Series
  • First Published by: ZING Communications, Inc
  • First Published Place: US
  • First Published Format: Kindle
  • First Published Date: 4 November 2018

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