HMS Wasp

Set in a time before mass tourism and the exodus from the west Indies of families seeking work in the United Kingdom, Ted Harris spends his National Service in a Royal Navy sloop touring the Caribbean. For him and his messmates the life of sunshine, sport, calypso music, and exciting girls is in complete contrast to the dull grey austerity of post war Britain. But for Ted Harris, it is a life changing experience which leads in a direction that he could not have imagined when he first joined the Navy. H.M.S. Wasp is closely based on the experiences of its author, Peter Holloway, who served in the Royal Navy on the America and West Indies station. The events and characters are authentic and only the names of the individuals and of the ship itself have been changed.

Author: Peter J. Holloway

Title: HMS Wasp


First Published by: Book Guild Limited


Format: PB

Date: 25 July 2014

ISBN-10: 1909716294

ISBN-13: 9781909716292


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