December 1941. A man of vital importance to the war effort has been captured. He is being transported along the French coast by the enemy. He must be returned to England “at all costs”.

Haunted by past failures, Lieutenant David Brent must embark on yet another dangerous journey across the Channel to ensure that this mission is a success. But when all does not go to plan, Brent is pushed, once again, to his limit. He must think quickly and logically, and direct his team to safety if possible...and to the ultimate sacrifice if necessary.

But haunted by reminders of his past can Brent remain rational and concentrate on the mission at hand? Or will the German troops out-manoeuvre him once more?

'Night Action' is a high-octane read from a master of military thrillers.

Night Action

Author: Alan Evans

Title: Night Action


First Published by: Hodder & Stoughton


Format: HC

Date: January 1989

ISBN-10: 0340429291

ISBN-13: 9780340429297




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