The year is 1939. Captain David Cochrane Smith, intelligence officer, is sent on an assignment to extract the American war correspondent, Hannah Fitzsimmons, from Franco’s Guardias. He must get her out of Spain before she’s tried and shot as a spy.

But in rescuing the American he makes a narrow escape from German officer Kurt Larsen, a man who will dog his footsteps throughout his wartime adventure. Smith wants command of a ship – but he’s told that his services in Intelligence are still required. En route to a new posting in Montevideo, his ship is attacked and he is taken prisoner in spite of his heroic efforts to destroy the enemy warship.

The Brandenburg, the German ship he is imprisoned on, is setting out to support the Graf Spee, a pocket battleship which can do immense damage to the British fleet – but only with the Brandenburg’s help.

Smith will be shot as a spy if he is found to be more than the naval officer he claims to be, and Kurt Larsen, on board the Brandenburg, is more than suspicious of the British officer... The captain is the only one who realises the danger the Brandenburg poses to the British navy should it reach the Graf Spee in time. Desperate to buy time for the British fleet, and aware that he has a very personal stake in the upcoming battle, Smith will have to go to extreme lengths to sabotage the German war effort...

Will he be victorious in his battle for the seas? Or will he and his men become Orphans of the Storm...?

Orphans of the Storm

Author: Alan Evans

Title: Orphans of the Storm

Series: David Cochrane Smith

First Published by: Hodder & Stoughton


Format: HC

Date: May 1990

ISBN-10: 034051082X

ISBN-13: 9780340510827




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