The year is 1814, the final year of the War of 1812. With the Atlantic seaboard closed by the blockade, the action shifts to Joshua Barney's gunboats where Isaac and Jack Clements find themselves commanding sloop rigged raiders assisting the effort in Maryland. They witness the British landing at Benedict MD and the burning of our capital. Sent to Baltimore to assist with the preparations for the expected British invasion, they witness the bombardment of that city and the writing of the Star Spangled Banner.

The Evening Gun

Author: William H. White

Title: The Evening Gun

Series: War of 1812 Trilogy (Isaac Biggs)

First Published by: Tiller Publishing

Place: US

Format: PB

Date: 1 October 2001

ISBN-10: 1-888671-45-9

ISBN-13: 978-1888671452




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