Author :: W. H. Canaway
First Published by :: Hutchinson
Format :: HC
Date :: 1966
  At the turn of the century in England the Wynne family, like so many others, are paying little attention to the shadows cast by the coming war. 

George Wynne’s father wants him to follow him into the Church, but George, inspired by a brief encounter with a mysterious sailor, is determined to join the British navy. On his first trip overseas George begins to notice the growing international tension whilst staying with his German cousin, Werner. The young men meet their American cousin, Claire, and the rivalry between England and Germany becomes personal as George competes with Werner for his new love’s affections.

As England’s pastoral serenity is shattered by the tragic climax of the First World War, so George and Werner finally face each other at the Battle of Jutland, here described in masterly and gripping narrative. Will the family ever be the same again? Or will Jutland and World War One tear the bonds that held them together?

The Grey Seas of Jutland is a classic naval adventure that will keep readers gripped to the last page.

The Grey Seas of Jutland

Author: W. H. Canaway

Title: The Grey Seas of Jutland


First Published by: Hutchinson


Format: HC

Date: 1966





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