The Pride and the AnguishNovember 1941: Lieutenant Ralph Trewain, D.S.C. arrives at Singapore as second-in-command of the shallow-draught gunboat, HMS Porcupine. To Trewin, still shocked from wounds received during the evacuation of Crete, the gunboat and her five elderly consorts seem to symbolize the ignorance and blind optimism he finds in Singapore. And the Porcupine' s captain is as unwilling as the rest to take heed of Trewain's alarm, for to him the gunboat represents his last chance.The following month, the Japanese invade Malaya, and in three months Singapore, the impregnable fortress, knows the humiliation of surrender.Through the misery and despair of this bloody campaign Trewin and his captain are forced to draw on each other's beliefs and weaknesses, and together they weld the little gunboat into a symbol of bravery and pride.

Author: Douglas Reeman

Title: The Pride and the Anguish


First Published by: The Companion Book Club


Format: HC

Date: January 1968




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