(This book has been withdrawn and substantially re-written. The Harry Heron series has new versions with new titles and you are recommended to purchase that version)

Going to sea as a child, Harry becomes a man, as does Ferghal his friend and lifelong companion, through shared experiences and adventures.

Twelve year old Midshipman Henry Nelson-Heron joins a new 74 gun ship of the line for a voyage to New South Wales. His boyhood friend and companion, Ferghal O'Connor follows him and together they experience danger, battle, death and survival.

In parallel the story introduces Harry's descendent as he takes command of a new starship under construction and works her up through to full commission. The future commander must wrestle with bureaucrats and contractors to ensure his ship is completed to specification.

With destinies that will become intertwined, Harry, Ferghal and the boy Danny Gunn continue their voyage while four hundred years in the future (200 years from now) Captain James Heron prepares his ship - and a future none of them can suspect.

Their Lordships Request

Author: Patrick G. Cox

Title: Their Lordships Request

Series: Harry Heron Adventures

First Published by: AuthorHouse


Format: PB

Date: 8 December 2010

ISBN-10: 1452064326

ISBN-13: 9781452064321



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