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Nightingale & Courtney

The Nightingale & Courtney Series by Katie Daysh. To quote the author for the first book in the series:-

Dear reader,

I wanted to write this story as, although I love historical and naval fiction, again and again I felt a lack of representation on bookshelves of this genre. LGBT+ voices and characters, if they existed, were on the sidelines or ended up with a stereotypically unhappy conclusion. I wished to make them front and centre.

That being said, Leeward is not only a queer story. There are swashbuckling scenes on the high seas, conniving political intrigues, and plots concerning the fascinating history of the early 19th century. Leeward also centralises themes of found family, confronting abusive figures, and dealing with the difficulties of mental health. Captain Nightingale goes on a journey, not only to hunt down a mutinous ship, but also to make peace with himself and his own past. As someone who, like Nightingale, defines themselves loosely as asexual and has struggled with anxiety, I felt this was an important story to tell.

I do so hope that you enjoy it!

Katie Daysh

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