Andrew R WelshAndrew R. Welsh was born in North East England. He spent many happy hours in the company of his Grandfather as he regaled him with tales of his seafaring adventures from the 1930s onwards, becoming the master of several merchant vessels before becoming a Harbour Master on the River Tyne in the 1970s.

Andrew first worked full-time as a Scientific Officer in the histology and cytology laboratories before training as a science teacher at the University of Northumbria. His first science teaching post was in Camberley (Surrey), before commencing his overseas teaching positions in Manila (Philippines), Almuñécar (Spain), Cairo (Egypt) and Doha (Qatar). This was followed with time as an advisory teacher in Abu Dhabi (UAE). It was in Doha that the first novel took root and was constructed on a daily basis from Autumn 2005 to Summer 2006 while working as Head of Science. There, the author got married and since then he has worked in Mongolia, Kazakhstan & Kuwait.

Series: The Lost Diaries of Richard Buchanan
Year  Book  Comment
  Any Means to an End Richard Buchanan wreaks havoc on enemy shipping, pirates and those who act outside the law
  Protective Craft The Commodore must return to the New World, where loyalties are stretched to breaking


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