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Alexander Kent (a pen name of Douglas Reeman) wrote this series about Richard Bolitho and his family. Later books in the series (set after his death) are based on his nephew Adam Bolitho. It is probably the longest running series in the genre at the present time.

We are taken through the history of "Nelson's Navy" from before the American War of Independence to after the end of the Napoleonic Wars.

Series: Bolitho
Year Book Comment
1756   Born in Falmouth, Son of Captain James Bolitho, Elder Brother Hugh
1768   Joins Royal Navy as a Midshipman aboard Manxman
1772 Richard Bolitho-Midshipman Serves as a Midshipman aboard Gorgon
1773 Midshipman Bolitho & the Avenger With Gorgon refitting Richard serves on a cutter commanded by his brother Hugh, Avenger
1774 Band of Brothers Passes examination for Lieutenant and is assigned to the crew taking Hotspur to Guernsey
1774 Stand into Danger Promoted Lieutenant Richard joins the frigate Destiny. He meets the man, Stockdale, who will become his first coxswain. The ship travels to Rio & the Caribbean & he is severely wounded whilst with a watering party on a remote Island
1775   Joins the Trojan
1777 In Gallant Company Trojan sails for New York & the American War of Independence, As war takes it's toll amongst the other officers he gains seniority and is eventually given the independent command of a prize.
1778 Sloop of War Promoted to Commander & given command of the sloop Sparrow Richard continues to fight the Americans.
1780   Adam, illegitimate son of Hugh Bolitho and Kerenza Pascoe, is born
1782 To Glory we Steer Promoted to Captain & given the frigate Phalarope Richard again returns to the fight against the Americans & French in the West Indies. After a near mutiny takes part in the Battle of the Saints
1784 Command a King’s Ship With the war over Richard is given Undine and sent to the far east in support of a new colony
1787   Appointed to command Tempest
1789 Passage to Mutiny In command of Tempest amongst the pacific islands Richard fights pirates until he is laid low by fever
1792 With all Despatch Still recovering from fever and with war breaking out again Richard commands some cutters at the Nore and takes on local Brotherhood in the Medway
1793 Form Line of Battle Richard gets command of his first Ship of the Line Hyperion & is sent to the Mediterranean
1794 Enemy in Sight The French are chased across the Atlantic to the West Indies & back again. Adam Bolitho joins the Navy and Richard’s ship.
1795   Promoted to Flag Captain & given command of 3 decker Euryalus
1797 The Flag Captain After putting down a mutiny on another ship Richard’s squadron goes to the Mediterranean
1798 Signal Close Action Appointed Commodore Richard is given a squadron & sent to the Mediterranean where he takes a part in the Battle of the Nile
  Homecoming Richard returns to England after the Battle of the Nile (Short Story)
1800 The Inshore Squadron Promoted Rear-Admiral Richard is sent to the Baltic & the Battle of Copenhagen
1801 A Tradition of Victory Richard is shipwrecked and taken prisoner in the Bay of Biscay
1802 Success to the Brave With the Peace of Amiens signed Richard is promoted Vice-Admiral & is sent to the West Indies
1803 Colours Aloft With the peace over Richard is posted to the Mediterranean
1804 Honour this Day Richard hoists his flag in his old ship Hyperion & sails for the Caribbean
1805   Battle of Trafalgar
1806 The Only Victor Sir Richard is sent to South Africa and then the second Battle of Copenhagen
1808 Beyond the Reef Returning to South Africa Sir Richard is shipwrecked
1809 The Darkening Sea Sir Richard takes part in the Mauritius campaign
1811 For My Country's Freedom Promoted full Admiral Sir Richard is sent to take part in the Second American War
1813 Cross of St. George Sir Richard takes part in the defence of Canada
1814 Sword of Honour Sir Richard Bolitho is sent to the Mediterranean
1815   Sir Richard Bolitho is killed in action aboard his flagship Frobisher
1815 Second to None Captain Adam Bolitho takes over where his uncle left off & returns to the Mediterranean in Unrivalled
1815 Relentless Pursuit Adam Bolitho combats the slave trade
1817 Man of War Adam Bolitho is Flag Captain of Athena in the Caribbean.
1818 Heart of Oak Given command of the Frigate Onward Adam Bolitho joins a French Frigate to suppress North Africa
1819 In the King’s Name

Adam is sent on an urgent but risky mission to make a fast passage to Freetown, West Africa, with secret orders.

Omnibus editions
  Midshipman Bolitho Richard Bolitho-Midshipman, Midshipman Bolitho & the Avenger
  The Complete Midshipman Bolitho Richard Bolitho-Midshipman, Midshipman Bolitho & the Avenger, Band of Brothers
  Captain Richard Bolitho, R.N. Sloop of War, To Glory we Steer, Command a King's Ship
  Bolitho With All Despatch, Honour This DayThe Only Victor

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