Bob Stockton

Robert (Bob) Stockton, C.P.O., U.S.N. (Retired) was born in Trenton, New Jersey in 1940 and spent a great deal of his youth exasperating family and neighbors alike. His family's attempts at providing him with a quality private secondary school education was met with "studied" indifference culminating in his leaving school for a career in the Navy. Following retirement from the Navy he has earned undergraduate and graduate degrees, worked as a shipyard welder's helper, graduate instructor, and pharmaceutical trainer. He currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida in close proximity to his three children, two grandchildren and a large American Bulldog named Bowser.

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  Fighting Bob The exciting life of Commodore 'Fighting Bob' Stockton

Modern Era Naval Fiction

Series: Stories From The U.S. Navy
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  The Third Tour Martin must decide whether to seek psychiatric help or sail once again into harm’s way

Modern Era Naval Non Fiction

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  Listening To Ghosts The lively ups and downs of a career navy man
  Sea Stories Tales told by an old school, politically incorrect Navy Chief


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