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Listening to GhostsListening To Ghosts, Bob Stockton's memoir about growing up in a working class neighborhood in Trenton, New Jersey, and how he escaped to the U.S. Navy, details the lively ups and downs of a career navy man as he comes of age and learns invaluable life lessons both personally and professionally.

One of the few navy men who has served in the submarine navy (in diesel electric submarines), Bob also served in the surface (destroyer) navy, in Vietnam in a patrol gunboat and in the aviation navy on carriers and in reconnaissance attack squadrons.

The book is divided into two sections, "Trenton" and "Haze Gray and Salt Spray." Each section boasts short, highly readable, highly entertaining chapters that vividly span the early 1940s through 1977, when Bob gladly retires from the Navy.

He comments, "Listening To Ghosts takes readers back to a time before the Navy became a vehicle for social engineering. It chronicles my adventures - and misadventures - in frank, candid and politically incorrect language."

Author: Bob Stockton

Title: Listening To Ghosts


First Published by: Xlibris Corporation


Format: Kindle

Date: 15 April 2010

ISBN-10: 1450076548

ISBN-13: 9781450076548


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