Cal Clement

Cal Clement is a native Montanan, a Marine Corps veteran of the Afghanistan campaign and is currently employed by a class 1 railroad spanning much of the western United States.

From an early age he was captivated in a wide range of literary works from westerns and tech thrillers to modern adventures and horror stories. The escape of adventure within a book, and the art of creating them has shaped his outlook for as far back as he can remember.

Cal's favorite genre, however, is sea adventures. From C.S Forester's Hornblower series, to the Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey - Maturin series, and more recently Julian Stockwin's Kydd novels, he enjoys tales of high adventure and daring feats out on the open ocean. These authors and their stories have been so impactful, they have influenced Cal in his primary authorial genre.

When not writing, he can be found at his home in Montana, enjoying the company of the love of his life and their children. Or, exploring the stunning lakes and landscapes found in their local area. Even at his happiest, he still daydreams of the sea.

Series: Treachery And Triumph
Year  Book  Comment
  H.M.S Valor: Treachery And Triumph A young and ambitious Lieutenant takes his new assignment aboard the H.M.S Valor
  Revenge of the Drowned Maiden An aging admiral sets his course to discover the fate of the lost H.M.S. Valor and her crew
  Resurrecting the Maiden In the belly of Admiral Torren's flagship Lieutenant Pike remains locked away
  Under the Black Flag Lieutenant Pike has resurrected his naval career
Series: The Patriot Sailor
Year  Book  Comment
1770 A Bloody Beginning Tensions in the colonies are about to boil over and change the face of the world
  At the Mast Jack is learning the ways of the sea from the most powerful navy in the world

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