At the Mast

Cal Clement has a new book, At the Mast, available to pre-order worldwide for Kindle. It will be released on 2 September 2024.

He left home as a boy, Now, he is becoming a man.

Forced from his home after the tragic death of his parents, Jack Horner is now a pressed man in the service of the Royal Navy. While captain and crew are focused on hunting an elusive rogue privateer, Jack is forced to learn the ropes and navigate life aboard a king's ship. Though he grows accustomed to the hardships of sea life, he never forgets the cold night in Boston that robbed him of everything he held dear.

Hard winds and high seas shape the boy into a man of the sea.

From the drudgery and toil of the gun decks, to the dangerous glory of the high rigging, Jack is learning the ways of the sea from the most powerful navy in the world. But, at home, the fires of discontent only grow hotter in his absence. Trouble is brewing and Jack must decide, will he maintain his allegiance to the new life he has been forced into? Or, will he blaze his own path?

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