D. E. Stockman

D. E. Stockman was reared in a small town in the Midwest USA and now lives outside Chicago with his wife. He served overseas as a translator for top secret Russian communications for the U.S. Air Force and after he graduated from Northeastern Illinois University with a degree in art, worked in various aspects of the graphic arts industry for the publishing imprints of Simon and Schuster, Harcourt Brace, and Pearson Education. His debut novel, The Ship's Carpenter, won two Page Turner Finalist 2020 Awards in international competition in both writing and ebooks.

Series: Tween Sea and Shore
Year  Book  Comment
1742 The Ship's Carpenter Shipwright Abraham Robinson leaves London to work at France's great shipyard in Brest
  Captains of the Renown The Seven Years War rages and the British frigate Renown returns to sea
  On Waves of Glory Young naval cadet Guy must make a choice

 The author’s official web site is stockmanbooks.com

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