Georges Carrack

Georges Carrack learned to love sailing on Lake Ontario, New York. A three-year stint in the Army taught him something of life in the armed services. With an engineering degree and MBA, a career in the marketing of technical products followed. Writing was restricted to reports and the occasional article for a trade magazine. That career carried him to the San Francisco area, however, and his love of sailing grew. After the children were raised, he and his wife set sail for Mexico. They now live half their lives aboard a cruising sailboat and have wandered as far south as Costa Rica. During the other half of the year, when the tropics serve up discomforts such as hurricanes, Georges writes stories of the sea from his home in the desert – Las Vegas.

Series: Neville Burton: Worlds Apart
Year  Book  Comment
1792 The Glorious First of June Neville Burton is called into service aboard the British frigate HMS Castor
1690 A Journal of The Experiment at Jamaica An unexplained phenomenon sets Burton aboard the Dutch prize frigate Swan in 1690
1801 Mutiny at Port Maria Burton and the 74-gun HMS Elephant head for France and inshore action
1803 The Stillwater Conspiracy Burton's command of the captured topsail schooner HMS Superieure had been rough so far
1806 The Atlantic Campaign A Hostage for Napoleon

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