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AOS Naval Fiction

Series: The Face of the Enemy
Year  Book  Comment
  Face the Enemy The destruction of a fishing boat is witnessed
  Moon Cay Osprey engages Le Tigre
  The Judges Wife Osprey is engaged by a ship of the line
  The French Ship The quarterdeck suffers an explosion
  Skimmers The Admiral must be rescued
  The Sicilian Aspirant Some shore action is called for
  The First Officer A boarding party leads to an unexpected death
  The Raiders A major raid is undertaken
  Renaisance and Revenge Will nearly setting the ship on fire be a successful ruse
  The Sailor Prince Osprey is returning to Plymouth, but is heading into a trap set by the French
  Pirates American merchant ships are hijacked and hidden away in Caribbean Harbours
  The Battle of Antigua Three frigates are sent to the Leeward Islands to deal with pirates
  Vengeance Captain James Morgan faces a Sicilian vendetta
  A Bloody Disaster Events leading up to the Battle of Trafalgar
  Golden Sword There is no information on this book
  Running the Gauntlet There is no information on this book

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