James Dillon White

James Dillon White (a pseudonym of Stanley White 1913-1978) wrote this series about Roger Kelso of the Bombay Marine. Set in the Indian Ocean at the time of Clive of India. They are now out of print and difficult to obtain information on.

Series: Roger Kelso
Year  Book  Comment
  Young Mister Kelso Roger Kelso joins the East Indiaman Shropshire as fourth mate
  Kelso of the Paragon Commander Kelso commands the frigate Paragon
  A Spread of Sail A treasure ship has been lost somewhere in the Amirantes
  Brave Captain Kelso
(aka Captain Kelso)
Kelso must deal with the famous Mahratta pirate, Angria
1756  Captain of Marine Calcutta has been seized by the Nawab of Bengal
  The Princess of Persia The East India Company wants another British base and Kelso sails toward Iran
  Commodore Kelso Kelso is made Commodore of the Bombay Marine 
1760  A Wind in the Rigging  Kelso struggles with a ruthless band of river pirates 
  Fair Wind to Malabar Kelso deals with two French warships that have joined the Mahrattan pirates 

AOS Other Nautical Fiction

Series: n/a
Year  Book  Comment
  The Tall Ship A battered old sailing ship tries to run the blockade of the Royal Navy


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