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Captain Kelso


Captain Kelso is the commander of the Paragon, a fighting ship of the East India Company, whose merchantemen are continually under attack by the famous Mahratta pirate, Angria. When Kelso goes to the assistance of three of the Company's ships he finds that one of them has been disabled and captured by the pirates. After a great sea fight Kelso rescues the commander of the merchantman and his beautiful young daughter who soon falls in love wth him. But Kelso has long been in love with the wife of the already famous Robert Clive, with whom he takes part in a expedition against Gheriah, the fortified seat of the pirates. War and love are excitingly intertwined in this absorbing story, which gives a vivid picture of the times.

Brave Captain Kelso

Author: James Dillon White

Title: Brave Captain Kelso

Series: Roger Kelso

First Published by: Hutchinson


Format: HC

Date: 1959



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