Jason Vail

Jason Vail is a writer of historical fiction and a martial artist who blends rich historical detail with realistic martial action. His martial arts career includes training in karate, jujutsu, judo, boxing, wrestling and mixed martial arts. Since 2001, he has been a student of historical European martial arts and is an avid longsword and backsword/broadsword fencer. However, his primary focus has been in reviving the dagger combat techniques found in the European fighting manuals dating back to 1409 not only because of their historical interest but also because of their usefulness in modern self-defense. The result of this study is his book Medieval and Renaissance Dagger Combat.

Series: Lone Star Rising
Year  Book  Comment
  Lone Star Rising: The Voyage of the Wasp The American rebellion has failedand a handful of men remake history in a ship called the Wasp
  Lone Star Rising: T.S. Wasp and the Heart of Texas The fate of Texas and the world teeters in the balance


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