John G. Cragg

John G. Cragg is a retired professor with historical interests who lives in Canada.

Series: At Home and at Sea
Year  Book  Comment
1803 A New War A French frigate of possibly new design has been using the peace to take British ships illegally
1803 A Continuing War Giles frigate is engaged in harassing French preparations for invasion
1804 A War by Diplomacy Giles’s mission involves his going to St. Petersburg
1805 A Stalemated War Giles destroys a French fort and rescues British naval prisoners
1805 A Changing War Giles must venture far into French waters, pretending to be part of the crew of a smuggling ship
1806 A Widening War Giles and Glaucus are busy harassing enemy ports and ships
1807 A War in Home Waters: Glaucus must sail to intercept a French invasion in Scottish waters
1807 A War in Baltic Waters Giles must take his frigate to Russia

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