J. C. EdwardsJohn Drake is a pseudonym of J. C. Edwards who trained as a biochemist to post-doctorate research level before realizing he was no good at science. His working career was in the television department of ICI (AstraZeneca) until 1999 when he became a full-time writer. John's hobby is muzzle-loading shooting, and his interests are British history and British politics (as a spectator), plus newspapers, TV news, and current affairs. He is married with a son and two grandchildren.

He has written an HNF series of novels (originally published under his real name) about Jacob Fletcher described as a loveable rogue who is pressganged into the navy as a young man, and is also writing the 'Treasure Island' pirate fiction series.

Series: Jacob Fletcher


 Book  Comment
1793  Fletcher's Fortune

Jack Fletcher is seized by the press gang and is taken aboard His Majesty's frigate Phiandra,

1794  Fletcher's Glorious First of June Jacob Fletcher renounces the fortune to which he is heir
1795 Fletcher and the Mutineers Lady Coignwood has heard that Fletcher is not dead but alive and well in Jamaica
1795 Fletcher and the Great Raid Fletcher is tasked to find and destroy anything he finds at sea regarding a steam engine

AOS Pirate Fiction

Series: Treasure Island series


 Book  Comment
  Flint and Silver The ship of merchant sailor John Silver is attacked by pirates
  Pieces of Eight Joseph Flint and Long John Silver have a score to settle
  Skull and Bones Captain Flint is captured by the Royal Navy and condemned to hang for mutiny and piracy

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