Jon Williams

Jon Williams is principally known as a writer of science fiction under the name Walter Jon Williams.

He also wrote the ‘Privateers and Gentlemen' series about the exploits of the Markham family during the American Revolution and the War of 1812. Out of print for many years they have recently been released in kindle format as 'by Walter Jon Williams'.


Series: Privateers and Gentlemen
Year  Book  Comment
  The Privateer
(aka To Glory Arise)

The Markhams are American privateers during the War of Independence.

1812  The Yankee
(aka The Tern Schooner)
Gideon Markham is a privateer aboard the Malachi's Revenge
  The Raider
(aka Brig of War)
Favian Markham  is a midshipman aboard Decatur's frigate United States
1814  The Macedonian Favian Markham is now captain in the United States Navy of Macedonian


Cat Island The Markhams fight the British at New Orleans

Note: Privateers & Gentlemen was also available as a role playing adventure in the Age of the Fighting Sail. Characters are officers aboard wooden sailing ships in the period 1755-1815, attempting to rise in rank and affluence through a series of naval battles, raids, skirmishes and captures… meanwhile avoiding any number of horrible deaths, diseases, amputations, courts-martial or mutinies. Scenarios to accompany this were available as books with only a few pages and you should avoid purchasing these as novels within the series, which they are not. Known titles falling in this category are The King Over the Water and  Decision at Djerba.

Series: n/a
Year  Book  Comment
  The Stolen Command A confederate naval officer must gain control of a steam ram captured by the army (short story)

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