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AOS Naval Fiction

A. Nelson Seaforth

The Last Great Naval War: An Historical Retrospect

Alec Merrill

Reaper's Harvest (short story) ©

Alexander Kent

Homecoming (short story) ©


Naval Occasions and Some Traits of the Sailor-Man (Anthology)

A Tall Ship: On Other Naval Occasions (Anthology)

Carl D. Lane

The Fleet in the Forest

Charles Henry Eden

Ralph Somerville, or, A Midshipman's Adventures in the Pacific Ocean

Charles Nordhoff (1830-1901)

Man of War Life

Charles Rathbone Low

The Autobiography of a Man-o'-War's Bell

Cyrus Townsend Brady

In the Wasp's Nest

On the Old Kearsarge

The Quiberon Touch

Edward Everett Hale

The Man Without a Country

Edward Howard

Rattlin, the Reefer

The Old Commodore

Jack Ashore

Francis Claudius Armstrong

The Two Midshipmen: A Tale of the Sea

The Young Commander

The Sailor Hero, or The Frigate and the Lugger

The Young Middy, or The Perilous Adventures of a Boy-officer

Perils by Sea and by Land or The Neapolitan Commander

Sunny South; or The Battle on the Bosphorus

Frederick Chamier

Tom Bowling: A Tale of the Sea

Jack Adams, or The Mutiny of the Bounty

The Spitfire: A Tale of the Sea

The Arethusa: A Naval Story

Ben Brace, The Last of Nelson's Agamemnons

Frederick Marryat

Mr Midshipman Easy

Frank Mildmay: or The Naval Officer

The King's Own

Newton Forster: or The Merchant Service

Peter Simple

G. A. Henty

With Cochrane the Dauntless

By Conduct and Courage: a story of Nelson's days

At Aboukir and Acre‎: A Story of Napoleon's Invasion of Egypt

Under Drake's Flag

By England's Aid: or The Freeing of the Netherlands

George Cupples

The Green Hand: Adventures of a Naval Lieutenant

George Fielding Eliot

Caleb Pettengill, U.S.N.

Daring Sea Warrior: Franklin Buchanan

George Manville Fenn

In the King's Name: or, the Cruise of the "Kestrel"

Cutlass and Cudgel

Middy and Ensign, or, The Jungle Station: a tale of the Malay peninsula

Blue Jackets: The Log of the Teaser

Syd Belton: The Boy who Would Not Go to Sea

The Lost Middy: Being the Secret of the Smugglers' Gap

The Black Bar

Harry Collingwood

Under the Meteor Flag

The Congo Rovers

The Rover’s Secret: A tale of the Pirate Cays and Lagoons of Cuba

The Pirate Slaver

A Pirate of the Caribbees

A Middy in Command: A Tale of the Slave Squadron

A Middy of the Slave Squadron: A West African Story

A Middy of the King: A Romance of the Old British Navy

Overdue: The Story of a Missing Ship

Harry Gringo

Tales for the Marines

Scampavias from Gibel Tarek to Stamboul

Henry Newbolt

Taken from the Enemy

Herman Melville

White-Jacket; Or, The World in a Man-of-War

Billy Budd

J. MacDonald Oxley

Diamond Rock, Or, On the Right Track

Terry's Trials and Triumphs

James Fenimore Cooper

The Pilot: A Tale of the Sea

The Red Rover

Homeward Bound, or The Chase: A Tale of the Sea

The Two Admirals

Jack Tier: or The Florida Reef

James Otis

When we Destroyed the Gaspee: a story of Narragansett Bay in 1772

With Porter in the Essex: a story of his famous cruise in Southern waters during the War of 1812

John Davis

The Post Captain, or, The wooden walls well manned

Kenneth Poolman

Guns Off Cape Ann

Michael Aye

The Fireship (short story)

Michael Scott

Tom Cringle's Log

The Cruise of the Midge

Robert Michael Ballantyne

The Battle and the Breeze

The Cannibal Islands: Captain Cook's Adventure in the South Seas

Samuel Whitchurch Sadler R.N.

The African Cruiser: A Midshipman's Adventures on the West Coast

The Ship of Ice: A Strange Story of the Polar Seas

Sir Edward Belcher

Horatio Howard Brenton: A Naval Novel

Tobias George Smollett

The Adventures of Roderick Random

W. H. G. Kingston

The Three Midshipmen

The Three Lieutenants

The Three Commanders

The Three Admirals

Old Jack: A Man-of-War's-Man and South-Sea Whaler

Marmaduke Merry, The Midshipman: or My Early Days at Sea

Hurricane Hurry: or, The Adventures of a Naval Officer Afloat and on Shore

True Blue: or, The Life and Adventures of a British Seaman of the old School

Ben Burton; or, Born and Bred at Sea

Salt Water; The Sea Life and adventures of Neil D'Arcy, the Midshipman

Will Weatherhelm; or the Yarn of an Old Sailor, about his early life and adventures

Ronald Morton; or, The Fire Ships: A story of the Last Naval War

Paul Gerrard, the Cabin Boy

Adrift in a Boat

Sunshine Bill

The Child of the Wreck; or, the Loss of the Royal George

Saved from the Sea; Or, The Loss of the Viper, and her Crew's Saharan Adventures

The Boy who sailed with Blake

Paddy Finn; or, The Adventures of a Midshipman Afloat and Ashore

The Boatswain's Son: a tale of the sea

The Story of Nelson

The Heir of Kilfinnan: A Tale of the Shore and Ocean

From Powder Monkey to Admiral, a Story of Naval Adventure

John Deane of Nottingham - Historic Adventures by Land and Sea

William Clark Russell

The Yarn of Old Harbour Town

Auld Lang Syne

William Fisher

The Petrel: A Tale of the Sea

William Gilbert

King George's Middy

William Henry Fitchett

The Commander of the Hirondelle: A Tale of the Great Blockade

William Johnson Neale

The Port Admiral: A Tale of the War

William Nugent Glascock

Land Sharks and Sea Gulls

Naval Sketch-Book; or, The Service Afloat and Ashore

Sailors and Saints; or, Matrimonial Manouvres

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