Oliver Greeves is a direct descendant of Frances (Fanny), Viscountess Nelson and her son, Josiah Nisbet. He spent many years working on Wall Street and now lives near his beloved Sydney Harbour in Australia. When not writing, he spends his time sailing and advising executive business leaders and the next generation.​

Long fascinated by Fanny’s life and times, he has travelled extensively researching her story and the turbulent times of the French Revolutionary Wars and the Napoleonic War. He has now embarked on recreating stories of the era based on historical fact, while using fiction to explore the psyche and characters behind the myths.

​A keen historian, Oliver believes in the importance of truth-telling in historical fiction. He has a PhD in history from Bristol University in the United Kingdom and studied creative writing at the New School in Greenwich Village New York.

He lived in New York for many years, working for Wall Street financial institutions at senior levels and was a founding partner of Pharos Institute, a leadership and executive coaching company. His understanding of institutions and the psychological perspective of those leading them infuses his novels with an added layer of realistic insights.

AOS Naval Fiction

Series: Nelson & His Son
Year  Book  Comment
  Nelson's Folly War rages on, Horatio Nelson becomes a lauded hero
  Nelson's Lost Son Josiah Nisbet, a once-rising naval star, is facing an uncertain future

 The author’s official web site is fannynelsonfan.com

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