Benerson Little

Benerson Little was born in Key West, Florida, and grew up variously on all three US coasts. Following his graduation from Tulane University, he entered the US Navy and served as an officer for eight years, most of them as a Navy SEAL. Upon completion of Basic Underwater Demolition/​SEAL training in 1983 (BUDS Class 121), he was assigned first to SEAL Team THREE, then to SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team ONE. After resigning his commission in 1989, he worked as a special operations and intelligence analyst, including for the Naval Special Warfare Strategy and Tactics Group and for a private intelligence collection and analysis firm, among other professions. He now works as a writer and consultant in several areas, with an emphasis on maritime and naval issues, including maritime threat and security, and especially maritime history. He has appeared in two television documentaries on piracy and has advised on others. He lives in Huntsville, Alabama with his two daughters, and in his spare time he teaches modern fencing at the Huntsville Fencing Club, researches historical fencing, and works on contemporary and historical novels.

AOS Pirate Fiction

Series: Fortune's Whelp Series
Year  Book  Comment
  Fortune's Whelp Edward MacNaughton is ensnared in the intrigue associated with the attempt to assassinate King William III

AOS Other Non Fiction

Series: n/a
Year  Book  Comment
  The Sea Rover's Practice Pirate Tactics and Techniques, 1630-1730
  The Buccaneer's Realm Pirate Life on the Spanish Main, 1674-1688
  Pirate Hunting The Fight Against Pirates, Privateers, and Sea Raiders from Antiquity to the Present
  How History's Worst Pirates Pillaged, Plundered, and Got Away with it The Stories, Techniques, and Tactics of the Most Feared Buccaneers from 1500-1800
  The Golden Age of Piracy The Truth Behind the Myths

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