David Cordingly

Dr David Cordingly read Modern History at Oxford and has a doctorate from the University of Sussex. He was Keeper of Pictures at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, and is the author of several books on marine art and naval history.

He was historical consultant for the movie Pirates of the Caribbean starring Johnny Depp, and has appeared on camera in several television documentary programmes for the BBC, the History Channel and the Discovery Channel.

AOS Naval Non Fiction

Series: n/a
Year  Book  Comment
  Cochrane: The Real Master and Commander Cochrane's real life exploits were far more daring and exciting than those of his fictional counterparts
  Billy Ruffian The Bellerophon and the Downfall of Napoleon

AOS Other Non Fiction

Series: n/a
Year  Book  Comment
  Spanish Gold
aka Pirate Hunter of the Caribbean
Captain Woodes Rogers and the Pirates of the Caribbean
  Life among the Pirates
aka Under the Black Flag
The Romance and Reality of Life among the Pirates
  Heroines and Harlots
aka Women Sailors and Sailors' Women
aka Seafaring Women
Adventures of Pirate Queens, Female Stowaways and Sailors' Wives

The author's official web site is davidcordingly.com

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