David Stevens

Dr David Stevens Dr David Stevens was the Royal Australian Navy historian 1994-2014 and led the Naval History Section at the Sea Power Centre - Australia (SPC-A). Prior to joining the SPC-A, he was a member of the permanent naval forces, graduating from the Royal Australian Naval College in 1978. He later specialised as an anti-submarine warfare officer, serving on both RAN and Royal Navy warships and gaining operational experience as far afield as the Falklands and the Middle East. He remains an active officer in the RAN Reserve. He has been a Visiting Fellow in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at the Australian Defence Force Academy since 2010 and was conferred the academic title Adjunct Asssociate Professor by UNSW in 2014.

Modern Era Naval Non Fiction

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Year  Book  Comment
  U-Boat Far From Home The Epic Voyage of the U-862 to Australia and New Zealand
  In All Respects Ready Australia's Navy in World War One
  The Royal Australian Navy in World War II Australia's Navy in World War Two

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