David W. Bone

Captain Sir David William Bone , Kt., C.B.E., LL.D., (1874-1959), born in Abbotford Place, Glasgow, began his sea serivce on windjammers in Australia in 1890 and joined Anchor Line in 1899 where he served on a troop ship during the Boer War and ended as Commodore. He retired in 1946. The records of his WWII services show him as Master of "Cameronia", "Circasia" and landing ships, on convoy duties and troop carrying. He was involved in the repatriation of Australian soldiers who were former POW's from Changhai. He wrote a novel about training sea officers in the late 1800's which is believed to be based on his own life.

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  The Brassbounder Adventures of an apprentice aboard a 19th Century sailing barque

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