Edward Chupack

Edward Chupack is an attorney for a Chicago based law firm and currently lives in the Chicago area. He wanted to be an author, or a doctor, ever since he could remember. He gave up his pursuit of medicine when he discovered that he had no singular aptitude for math, science, or people that sneezed. He had better success at writing.
He was published while in his teens, having contributed short stories and poetry to a number of literary magazines, and was the recipient of an award by the Illinois Arts Council for creative writing while in college. His family sent him to the University of Chicago's famous "Lab School" for a time, where his teacher wrote a direct note to his parents, telling them that Edward was destined to be a writer.

AOS Pirate Fiction

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  Silver Fever-ridden, raving, and trapped in a cabin on his own ship, Long John Silver is on his way towards England and the hangman's noose.

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