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Gregory Fremont-Barnes holds a doctorate in Modern History from Oxford University and serves as a Senior Lecturer in War Studies at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, dividing his work between teaching cadets on site and commissioned officers of the British Army posted to garrisons throughout the UK and abroad.

His writing focuses principally on the military and naval history of the 18th and 19th centuries and includes such works as The French Revolutionary Wars, The Boer War, The Peninsular War and The Indian Mutiny. He has edited two major reference works, the three-volume Encyclopedia of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars and the two-volume Encyclopedia of the Age of Political Revolutions and New Ideologies, 1760–1815, and co-edited the five-volume Encyclopedia of the American Revolutionary War.

AOS Naval Non Fiction

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Year  Book  Comment
  The Royal Navy 1793-1815 Examines the commanders, men, and ships of the Royal Navy during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars
  Nelson's Officers and Midshipmen Uncovers the remarkable story of those boys who fought aboard His Majesty's mighty ships-of-the-line
  Nelson's Sailors Examines the experiences of the average British sailor on board a ship-of-the-line during the age of Nelson
  Nile 1798 Nelson's First Great Victory
  Trafalgar 1805 Nelson's Crowning Victory
  Victory vs Redoutable Ships of the line at Trafalgar 1805
  Wars of the Barbary Pirates To the Shores of Tripoli: The Birth of the US Navy and Marines

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