Jak P Mallman Showell

Jak P Mallman Showell, the son of a U-boat Diesel Mechanic who was killed in action, was born in Hamburg in 1944 and grew up amidst the ruins of the great firestorm. He came to London in 1954 and has lived in England ever since. Being bi-lingual has helped him in understanding documents produced by both sides of the war. He worked as teacher and educational science adviser for many years before turning to writing, researching and photography.

Jak is the English Language Representative for the German U-boat Museum (formerly U-Boot-Archiv) and has been awarded the Silver U-boat Badge by the German Submariners' Association in Munich for furthering international relations and maintaining naval traditions.

He has produced more than forty books about naval activities during the Second World War (which will be added to this site as time allows). His research is based on original first-hand documents such as wartime logs, accounts written shortly after the events and on many personal interviews. This has led his reviewers to recognising him as being 'the respected authority'.

Modern Era Naval Non Fiction

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Year  Book  Comment
  Donitz, U-Boats, Convoys The British Version of His Memoirs from the Admiralty's Secret Anti-Submarine Reports
  Swastikas in the Arctic U-boat Alley Through the Frozen Hell
  U-Boats Attack! The Battle of the Atlantic Witnessed by the Wolf Packs
  Hitler's 'Wonder' U-Boats The Birth of the Cold War's Hunter Killer Submarines
  Hitler's Attack U-Boats The Kriegsmarine's WWII Submarine Strike Force

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